Lesson 8 Topic: Guess Who Logo?

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to…

  • Make up clues about specific logos
  • Use descriptive language
  • Solve logo mysteries


  • Cue cards


  • Introduction: Teacher will ask students if they have ever played the game guess who? Teacher will ask rules of the game and the purpose of the game. Teacher will explain that students will create similar game but this time simply using cue cards and logos.
  • Development: Students have to choose well known 5 logos and write up a description of them without letting other peers see. They also have to write cues and questions on the card. Once they have completed students will be timed to ask their 5choices to a peer. If the peer successfully figures out all logos, the student has to write the peers name on a sheet of paper. Students are encouraged to use descriptive language throughout the game. Teacher will walk around classroom to make sure that students are following the rules.
  • Conclusion: Teacher will ask students her own Guess Who Logos and see if they can figure them all out!

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